First off, thank you so much for stopping by!  My name is Rey Benasfre and I am a self-taught photographer currently living in North Carolina. I'm an active duty U.S. Marine so I'm always moving around to different places. But aside from that I'm mostly just a regular guy who picked up a camera in early 2016 and discovered a true passion for it.  Along with a full-time job and a wonderful family it had started out as a hobby and but has now evolved to something a more than that. I feel this is going to be a life long learning experience that I hope never stops.

I call myself a shutter nerd because aside from my obsession with video game, comics, tech and pop culture,  I've become obsessed and inspired by photography and the creative process behind a photo.  I want to learn everything about photography whether it's dramatic landscapes, night shots, long exposures, portraits, street photography, editing, lighting, camera tech, etc. EVERYTHING! You might noticed my work is a little eclectic.  I don't stick to a particular genre but I will try to maintain my style. I love to challenge myself by learning a new technique or type of photography. I'm interested in the many ways a story can be told through photos. I'm also fascinated by how through the editing process, I can recreate the feeling and emotions I felt during the shoot and give it to the viewer.

Anything and everything about photography I am interested in!  I've created this website to showcase my work, tell my stories, provide a simple portrait service to clients, to educate, to learn, and to interact with other photographers. I also have a print shop on my website so if you see any photos that you love please support me by buying yourself a print! :)

 Senioa, GA also the setting for Alexandria in AMC's The Walking Dead. I'm a huge fan :)

Senioa, GA also the setting for Alexandria in AMC's The Walking Dead. I'm a huge fan :)


Jacksonville, NC 28546


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